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Fe(CO)5 iron pentacarbonyl

Product Name:  Fe(CO)5 iron pentacarbonyl

Product Description: 
Fe(CO)5 is the compounds CO and Fe , chemical reaction equation is: 5CO+Fe→Fe(CO)5.

Physical property:Under normal atmospheric, it was amber liquid, density is 1.453 g/cm3 (20.0 ℃). Fe(CO)5,the melting point is about -20.3 ℃  ,the boiling point is 103.6 ℃,the critical temperature is 286 ℃. From the low temperature to the critical temperature, with the rise of temperature, it is easy to break down into Fe and CO.

Chemical property :
1, Fe(CO)5 is completely dissolved in petrol, benzene, tetrahedronaphthalene, benzene aldehyde, acetone, bromination of benzene, benzenedichloride and other solution.
2, From-15 ℃, Carbonyl content steam mixing with air can necessarily create combustion; Under  34 ℃ temperature, it can  be spontaneous combustion in the air.
3, Fe(CO)5 is quite lively, and easy to form hydrogenated carbonyl content H2Fe(CO)4 and metal salt Na2Fe(CO)4, Fe content halogenating carbonyl (CO)4I2, and tanner carbonyl  content acyl Fe(CO)2(NO)2 , carbonyl fullerenes [C5H5Fe(CO)2] and other compounds.
4, Fe(CO)5 photochemical performance is lively, under the light,  Fe(CO)5 is easy to resolve.
5, According to the critical temperature of Fe(CO)5 , under normal atmospheric pressure and more than 286 ℃ for thermal decomposition is the most important application of Fe(CO)5 , and is the most basic way to industrialize carbonyl iron powder.

Application: Pyrolysis micro/nano level carbonyl iron powder, ferric oxide powder dry making nano, nanoscale magnetic film, fiber, nine carbonyl two iron, gasoline, flame retardant, anti-explosion agent catalyst, the surface film plating, iron lithography mask board, antibiotics, etc.

Notes: Fe (CO) 5 is tasteless, toxic, inflammable, explosive brown liquid, in the transportation and storage, we should pay attention to:
1.iron pentacarbonyl shall be supplied in anaerobic airtight metal pressure containers.
2. iron pentacarbonyl should be stored in a cool ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, away from the fire, heat source.
3. Gentle with it, banned collision.

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