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About us Green Stone Switzerland Co., Ltd. is founded in Switzerland and China in 2001. We focus on research and development of Metal dust...

Products we offer
Aluminum ammonium sulfatedodec
Aluminum chloride
Aluminum chloride hexahydrate
Aluminum fluoride anhydrous
Aluminum fluoride hydrate
Aluminum hydroxide
Aluminum monophosphate solutio
Aluminum nitrate nonahydrate
Aluminum nitrate solution
Aluminum phosphate basic

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Indium ingot Germanium concentrate Cadmium ingot Superfine zinc powder Zinc ingot Iron oxide nanoparticles.. W(CO)6 Fe3(CO)12 Nonacarbonyldiiron Glass beads plating iron.. Graphite plating iron an.. Iron nickel coated mica Iron nickel coating carb.. Absorbing coatings iron .. Metal ceramic MIM coated.. Conducting filler - iron.. Diamond synthesis materi.. Synthetic diamond with c.. Food additive drugs with.. Diamond and hard alloy p.. Metal powder injection m.. NDT use carbonyl iron po.. With the security printi.. Magnetorheological fluid.. Microwave absorbing and .. With high frequency magn.. A integrated with induct.. Fe(CO)5 iron pentacarbon.. Titanium alloy powder Cerium metal powder Osmium Ruthenium ingot Zinc phosphide Zinc perchlorate hexahyd.. Zinc(II) sulfide Zinc sulfate heptahydrat.. Zinc sulfate heptahydrat.. Zinc oxide Zinc oxalate dihydrate Zinc oleate Zinc nitrate solution Zinc nitrate hexahydrate.. Zinc iodide Zinc fluoride anhydrous Zinc fluoride Zinc citrate dihydrate Zinc chromate Zinc carbonate basic Zinc bromide Zinc acetate dihydrate Zinc acetate anhydrous Zinc carbonate Zinc bromide dihydrate Vanadium(V) oxide Vanadium sulfate Tungsten(VI) oxide Titanium(IV) oxide Tin(IV) oxide Tin(IV) chloride Tin(II) sulfate Tin(II) oxide Tin(II) chloride dihydra.. Tin(II) chloride Tin bronze Tetrachloroauric(III) ac.. Tellurium dioxide Strontium perchlorate tr.. Strontium perchlorate Strontium oxalate Strontium chloride anhyd.. Strontium bromide monohy.. Strontium bromide anhydr.. Strontium acetate hemihy.. Stannic tetrachloride pe.. Sodium-DL-lactate Sodium tungstate dihydra.. Sodium tetrafluoroborate.. Sodium tetraethylborate Sodium tetrachloraurate(.. Sodium sulfate Sodium stannate anhydrou.. Sodium selenite pentahyd.. Sodium selenite Sodium selenide Sodium selenate decahydr.. Sodium peroxodisulfate Sodium periodate Sodium oxalate Sodium nitrate Sodium molybdate dihydra.. Sodium molybdate Sodium iodide Sodium hydroxide Sodium hexafluorosilicat.. Sodium cobaltinitrite Sodium citrate Sodium chloride Sodium bromide Sodium bismuthate Silver(I) cyanide Silver sulfide Silver sulfate Silver proteinate Silver oxide Silver nitrate Silver iodide Silver chloride Silver Selenium(IV) oxide Selenium sulfide Selenium Ruthenium red Rubidium chloride tri-Sodium citrate dihyd.. Potassium tetracyanonick.. Potassium tetracyanonick.. Potassium tetraborate te.. Potassium sulfate Potassium sorbate Potassium silver cyanide.. Potassium phosphate mono.. Potassium persulfate Potassium pentaborate oc.. Potassium oxalate monohy.. Potassium metaborate Potassium iodide Potassium hydroxide Potassium hexahydroxoant.. Potassium hexafluorophos.. Potassium hexacyanoferra.. Potassium hexacyanocobal.. Potassium fluoride Potassium dicyanoaurate Potassium dichromate Potassium cyanate Potassium cobalt citrate.. Potassium cobalt citrate.. Potassium chloride Potassium bromide Potassium acetate Platinum chloride hexahy.. Phenyl mercury nitrate Phenyl mercury acetate Palladium(II) chloride Palladium(II) acetate Palladium Nickel(II) Sulfide Nickel(II) sulfate hexah.. Nickel(II) sulfate hepta.. Nickel(II) sulfate Nickel(II) sulfamate tet.. Nickel(II) perchlorate h.. Nickel(II) oxide black Nickel(II) oxalate dihyd.. Nickel(II) nitrate solut.. Nickel(II) nitrate hexah.. Nickel(II) iodide Nickel(II) hydroxide Nickel(II) fluoride tetr.. Nickel(II) fluoride Nickel(II) chloride hexa.. Nickel(II) chloride anhy.. Nickel(II) carbonate anh.. Nickel(II) bromide anhyd.. Nickel(II) acetate tetra.. Nickel(II) acetylacetona.. Nickel sulfamate solutio.. Nickel phosphate solutio.. Nickel citrate dihydrate.. Nickel carbonate basic Nickel borate Nickel ammonium sulfate Molybdenum(VI) oxide Molybdenum(IV) sulfide Molybdenum(IV) oxide Mercury(I) sulfate Mercury(I) nitrate dihyd.. Mercury(II) thiocyanate Mercury(II) sulfide Mercury(II) sulfate Mercury(II) salicylate Mercury(II) oxycyanide Mercury(II) oxide yellow.. Mercury(II) oxide red Mercury(I) iodide Mercury(II) nitrate mono.. Mercury(II) iodide red Mercury(II) cyanide Mercury(II) chloride Mercury(II) bromide Mercury(II) acetate Mercury(I) chloride Mercury oxide Mercurochrome Mangan(II) carbonate Manganese(IV) oxide Manganese(II) sulfate te.. Manganese(II) sulfate mo.. Manganese(II) phosphate .. Manganese(II) perchlorat.. Manganese(II) oxide Manganese(II) oxalate di.. Manganese(II) nitrate te.. Manganese(II) nitrate Manganese(III) phosphate.. Manganese(III) oxide Manganese(II) fluoride Manganese(II) chloride t.. Manganese(II) chloride d.. Manganese(II)chloride an.. Manganese(II) bromide te.. Manganese(II) acetate te.. Manganese(II) acetate an.. Manganese sulfate Manganese nitrate soluti.. Manganese hydrogen phosp.. Magnesium trisilicate hy.. Magnesium thiosulfate he.. Magnesium sulfate heptah.. Magnesium stearate Magnesium powder Magnesium phosphate trib.. Magnesium peroxide Magnesium perchlorate he.. Magnesium oxide Magnesium nitrate soluti.. Magnesium nitrate hexahy.. Magnesium hydroxide Magnesium hydrogenphosph.. Magnesium gluconate hydr.. Magnesium citrate tribas.. Magnesium citrate dibasi.. Magnesium chromate penta.. Magnesium chloride hexah.. Magnesium carbonate hydr.. Magnesium carbonate hydr.. Magnesium bromide hexahy.. Magnesium acetate tetrah.. Magnesium acetate anhydr.. Lithium tetraborate anhy.. Lithium peroxide Lithium perchlorate trih.. Lithium oxalate Lithium nitrate anhydrou.. Lithium molybdate Lithium metaborate dihyd.. Lithium metaborate Lithium iodide trihydrat.. Lithium iodide trihydrat.. Lithium hydroxide monohy.. Lithium gluconate Lithium dichromate hydra.. Lithium citrate tribasic.. Lithium chromate solutio.. Lithium chromate Lithium chloride monohyd.. Lithium chloride anhydro.. Lithium benzoate Lithium acetylide ethyle.. Lithium acetate dihydrat.. Lithium acetate anhydrou.. Lead(II) tetrafluorobora.. Lead(II) stearate Lead(II) perchlorate tri.. Lead(II) oxide Lead(II) oxalate Lead(II) nitrate Lead(II) iodide Lead(II) fluoride Lead(II) citrate trihydr.. Lead(II) chloride Lead(II) carbonate basic.. Lead(II) carbonate Lead(II) bromide Lead(II) acetate trihydr.. Lead thiocyanate Lead stearate dibasic Disodium phosphate Iridium(III) chloride hy.. Iodine Indium(III) sulfate hydr.. Indium(III) sulfate anhy.. Indium(III) phosphide Indium(III) oxide Indium(III) chloride Indium(III) acetate Indium sulfate solution Indium arsenide Graphite Gold(I) potassium cyanid.. Gold iodide Gold Germanium powder Gallium phosphide Gallium arsenide Gallium Fluoroboric acid solutio.. Ferric(II) sulfate anhyd.. Ferric(III) sulfate hydr.. Ferric(III) pyrophosphat.. Ferric(III) chloride anh.. Ferric(II) fumarate Ferric sulfate solution Ferric sulfate heptahydr.. Ferric perchlorate hydra.. Ferric nitrate solution Ferric nitrate nonahydra.. Ferric glycerophosphat Ferric chloride hexahydr.. Ferric ammonium oxalate .. Ferric ammonium oxalate .. Diphenyl mercury Diammonium hydrogen phos.. Copper(II) sulfide Copper(II) sulfate penta.. Copper(II) sulfate anhyd.. Copper(II) pyrophosphat Copper(II) phosphate Copper(II) perchlorate h.. Copper(II) oxide Copper(II) oxalate hemih.. Copper(II) oxalate anhyd.. Copper(I) iodide Copper(II) nitrate trihy.. Copper(II) nitrate solut.. Copper(II) nitrate hydra.. Copper(II) nitrate hemip.. Copper(II) hydroxide Chromium(III) chloride h.. Chromium(III) acetylacet.. Chromium potassium sulfa.. Chromium picolinate Chromium oxalate solutio.. Chromium nitrate solutio.. Zinc acetate dihydrate s.. Chromium bromide Chromium acetate solutio.. Chromium Chromic(III) acetate Copper(II) fluoride anhy.. Copper(II) citrate hydra.. Copper(II) chromate Copper(II) chloride dihy.. Copper(II)chloride anhyd.. Copper(II) carbonate bas.. Copper(II) bromide Copper(II) acetate monoh.. Copper(II) acetate anhyd.. Copper(I) cyanide Cobalt(II) sulfide Cobalt(II) sulfate hydra.. Cobalt(II) sulfate hepta.. Cobalt(II) phosphate Cobalt(II) perchlorate h.. Cobalt(II) perchlorate d.. Cobalt(II) oxalate dihyd.. Cobalt(II) oxalate anhyd.. Cobalt(II) nitrate solut.. Cobalt(II) nitrate hexah.. Cobalt(II) iodide Cobalt(II) hydroxide Cobalt(II) fluoride tetr.. Cobalt(II) fluoride anhy.. Cobalt(II) edetate Cobalt(II) citrate anhyd.. Cobalt(II) chromate Cobalt(II) chloride hexa.. Cobalt(II) chloride anhy.. Cobalt(II) carbonate Cobalt(II) bromide hydra.. Cobalt(II) bromide anhyd.. Cobalt(II) ammonium sulf.. Cobalt(II) acetate tetra.. Cobalt(II) acetate anhyd.. Cobalt(II/III) oxide Cobalt(II) oxide Cobalt(II) gluconate hyd.. Cesium hydroxide monohyd.. Cerium(IV) sulfate tetra.. Calcium turnings Calcium titanate Calcium sulfate dihydrat.. Calcium silicide Calcium perchlorate tetr.. Calcium oxide Calcium nitrate tetrahyd.. Calcium nitrate solution.. Calcium hypophosphite Calcium granules Calcium fluoride Calcium chloride Calcium carbonate Calcium carbide Calcium bromide hydrate Calcium bromide anhydrou.. Cadmium sulfate octahydr.. Cadmium sulfate anhydrou.. Cadmium potassium cyanid.. Cadmium phosphate Cadmium perchlorate hydr.. Cadmium perchlorate hexa.. Cadmium nitrate tetrahyd.. Cadmium fluoride Cadmium chloride monohyd.. Cadmium chloride hydrate.. Cadmium chloride hemipen.. Cadmium chloride anhydro.. Cadmium bromide anhydrou.. Cadmium acetate dihydrat.. Cadmium acetate anhydrou.. Boroxid Bismuth(III) sulfide Bismuth(III) subsalicyla.. Bismuth(III) subsalicyla.. Bismuth(III) perchlorate.. Bismuth(III) oxy iodide Bismuth(III) oxy fluorid.. Bismuth(III) oxide Bismuth(III) nitrate pen.. Bismuth(III) nitrate pen.. Bismuth(III) nitrate oxi.. Bismuth(III) iodide Bismuth(III) fluoride Bismuth(III) citrate Bismuth(III) chromate Bismuth(III) chloride Bismuth(III) carbonate Bismuth(III) bromide Bismuth(III) borate Bismuth(III) acetate Bismuth tribromophenate Bismuth subnitrate monoh.. Bismuth subnitrate Bismuth subgallate Bismuth subcitrate Bismuth oxychloride Bismuth aluminate Bismuth hydroxide Bismuth iodosubgallate Bis(acetonitrile) pallad.. Bismuth Barium thiosulfate Barium sulfide Barium perchlorate anhyd.. Barium perchlorate Barium oxalate Barium metaborate monohy.. Barium manganate Barium iodide dihydrate Barium hydroxide octahyd.. Barium hydrogen orthopho.. Barium fluoride Barium citrate tribasic Barium chromate Barium chloride dihydrat.. Barium carbonate Barium bromide dihydrate.. Barium bromide anhydrous.. Barium acetate Arsenic(III) oxide Arsenic Antimony(III) sulfide Antimony(III) oxide Antimony(III) chloride Antimony(III) bromide Antimony potassium tartr.. Antimony Ammonium thiosulfate Ammonium thiocyanate Ammonium sulfate Ammonium metavanadate Ammonium iron(III) sulfa.. Ammonium heptamolybdate .. Ammonium chloride Ammonium bismuth citrate.. Ammoniated mercury Aluminum potassium sulfa.. Aluminum phosphate basic.. Aluminum nitrate solutio.. Aluminum nitrate nonahyd.. Aluminum monophosphate s.. Aluminum hydroxide Aluminum fluoride hydrat.. Aluminum fluoride anhydr.. Aluminum chloride hexahy.. Aluminum chloride Aluminum ammonium sulfat..